Station West

MODE and Jacobs have been appointed to design and deliver Station West for ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) at Brisbane Airport.

Client: Airservices Australia
Location: Brisbane Airport, QLD


With the introduction of the new parallel runway (NPR) in 2020, Airservices will be required to provide an additional ARFFS, Station West, to enable response coverage to the NPR and comply with CASA regulations. Once Station West is operational, the Satellite Station will be decommissioned. Station West is proposed to be located on a site off Dyandra Drive. Design for the station has focused on core objectives of ARFFS:

  • response times to both the tender bay and runway

  • mitigating WHS issues within site

  • legibility in planning to influence effective operations

  • understanding requirements of the end user

This project is under construction.